You Found me…. Listen and LEARN…

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I am sorry that I did not write the other day. I have had an unexpected problem come up. I will explain later. Due to this situation, I will not be able to post daily as I promised, However, I will post when I can.

I will begin my (our) journey in my next writing. You will not understand right away. I myself do not understand or can believe the events that are yet to occur.

I need you and all who are my readers to be my strength.

First I want to explain how I write. The simple fact is that I am not a writer, so do not hold this against me. I will try my best.

Second, I will tie much of my feelings, thoughts, emotions and daily happenings through songs.

I will intertwine my reality with songs so that you may relate to my world. These songs are very specific and I have been chosen them for a very SPECIFIC reason. LISTEN as they will speak louder than I. They will be your guide and my release. Remember the words are the key, not necessary the visuals. But, other elements may be just important from dates (TIME) of the work, the titles to where the music originated.

Put the pieces together and you will know the truth. I can only guide you as I must learn from you too.

As a note, make sure to read this blog in its entirety to include all comments.

You must learn to think for yourself. Things are not as they appear.

Come back soon… I will be waiting…..


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